Aircraft Manufacturers that Sent Off Most of the Airplanes into the Sky

When traveling across countries, airplanes are one of the choices that can transport us at ease. Top aircraft manufacturers cater perfectly engineered design and structure for human convenience. To give you a glimpse of the well-known aircraft manufacturers for civil transport, here is the list of the manufacturers who sent most of their airplanes into the sky:

  • Airbus

Being the leading aircraft manufacturer, Airbus is based in Europe with 12 sites situated in Germany, France, UK, and Spain. The high demand for their products is based on the economic, versatility, and comfort of their designed aircraft. They are known as the top company providing highly-efficient aircrafts with their top notch technology and advancement on science support.

  • Bombardier

Considered as one a leading manufacturer in the design and production of innovative aviation of services and products for the aircraft business market. Except for aircraft manufacturing, Bombardier operates a business in rail transportation.

  • Boeing
    This aircraft manufacturer, based in Chicago, USA, belongs to the largest manufacturer of military aircraft and commercial jetliners. They have diverse and, innovative and talented workers across the globe.
  • Tupoloev

With its headquarter in Moscow, Russia, this manufacturing company is a Russian defense and aerospace company. As Russia is known for military weapon manufacturers, Tupolev operates the same business along with aircraft manufacturing. They are known for experimenting aircraft with defense weapon installations.

  • Embraer

This manufacturing company’s products and services are focused on defense, commercial, and executive aviation. It is based on São José dos Campos, Brazil and has delivered and produced to more than 37 airlines with more than 1000 ERJs in 24 countries.

You are probably thinking about how much revenue these manufacturers earn each year for manufacturing gigantic civil air transportations. Well, owning a manufacturing industry like this takes a lot of considerations and a considerable capital.